Al Qatfan LLC is a company founded on the virtues of humanity that elevate the idea of humanness. We are based in the UAE, the land of opportunities and the impossible. We abide by the law and the international standards in order to give you the best that there is in the cosmetics and supplements world. We give attention to small details because we know that they matter a lot on the end outcome.

Company was built to cater for the much needed genuine products lacking in the cosmetic world as well as other accessories. For this reason as a company, we have strove to ensure that our products are non-toxic. We have stood out to be strong and stable amidst the other businesses in our field. We have our clientele spread across the world cutting across the barriers of language, culture, religion, color, class and, many others. We take pride in our efficiency to deliver and the care that we show our customer when they come to our stores whether online or physically.

As a company, we have set out on a journey consisting of several non-negotiable activities. They include the following.

Non-toxic products.

We know it irritates you as much as it does to us when a salesperson tries to sell to you products that they haven’t tried out yet. To avoid this, we have done the work of trying all our products out so that you do not have to. We have gone through all the ingredients on the list so that we confirm that they are not toxic on your skin or any other part of your body.

Consciously minded.

It is our work to think of our clients and other stakeholder as we make a decision on any product. Due to this, we ensure that all the products in our stores are borne out of value in solving someone’s problems. We give credit to those which our clients have reviewed as helpful and we recognize those brands which work on improving their products day after day.

Community oriented.

We have cultivated a culture of appreciating and recognizing everyone who surrounds us or takes part in the activities of our business. Through various activities, we help communities to challenge themselves in order to build their capacities as we also help and guide in accepting their shortcomings. This has helped us to stand mindful of every person’s view and limits.